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Hello. I added to the gallery screen captures from the movie ‘Shovel Buddies‘ (2016). Enjoy!

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February 14: Arriving at the Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood

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28th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

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Bella Thorne Signs On To Dystopian Thriller ‘The Uncanny’

EXCLUSIVE: Deadline has learned that Bella Thorne will star in director Mitzi Peirone’s post-apocalyptic thriller The Uncanny.

Written by Peirone and Chaya Doswell, The Uncanny presents a future where every citizen is implanted with a chip capable of controlling everything from emotions to directions, until a routine update backfires, causing a cyber apocalypse. Wiping out most of humanity, five strangers miraculously survive, now forced to live hidden in a bunker with their implants ripped from their spines. They were the few lucky enough to survive – until Scarlet (Thorne) begins to suspect they were not saved at all, or by chance.

Rebecca Berrih (Elysian Fields Entertainment) who recently produced Beyond the Sky which was released by RLJ entertainment, Thor Bradwell (JT Leroy) and Courtney Shepard, who serves as Director of Development at New Republic Pictures, the company responsible for co-financing and producing Oscar Best Picture nominee 1917 and Rocketman, will produce.

Peirone directed, wrote and executive produced the mystery thriller Braid which made its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival two years ago. That movie follows two wanted women who decide to rob their wealthy psychotic friend, who lives in the fantasy world they created as children. To take the money, the women have to take part in a deadly perverse game of make believe.

The story offers a timely and compelling glimpse into human’s dependence on technology and the greater evils of such addiction” says Shepard about Uncanny. “We’re excited to have Bella on board for such a strong female-led team. I have no doubt Mitzi will craft something visually and thematically stunning.

Thorne was recently cast in the home invasion thriller Masquerade and she’s also making her feature directorial debut with an elevated thriller written by Zander Coté, the story of which is being kept under wraps.

Thorne is repped by CAA, Thirty Three Management, Strategic and Hirsch Wallerstein. Peirone is repped by ICM and Thirty Three Management, as well as Jared Bloch of Felker, Toczek, Suddleson and Abramson.


Actress Bella Thorne has a thing for roses

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Guests stepping into the dining room of Bella Thorne’s Sherman Oaks home might find it hard to believe the actress once loathed pink; just about everything in the space is in various shades of the color, from the hot-pink walls to the pastel rose-hued pendant chair suspended from the ceiling.

I used to hate the color when I was younger,” said Thorne, 22, who gained fame in 2010 as co-star of the Disney Channel sitcom “Shake It Up.” “But as I got older I started not being so angry with pink all the time. It turns out I really do like it.

The actress and singer, who starred in the 2018 movie “Midnight Sun” and the Freeform network series “Famous in Love,” wanted to give each room of the 4,500-square-foot house its own identity.

After buying the home in 2016, she lived there for a couple of years; now she primarily uses it for parties and rents it out for photography shoots, music videos and events.

But spending time in the dining room reminds her of the crafting she did with her sister as children, coached by their mother; in this room the siblings have created yet more lavish pinkness together — the papery roses affixed to the walls, the chairs draped with fuchsia feather boas, the table hand-painted and studded with tiny pearl beads.

What led to the idea behind the pink room?
It was more about making the house have all themed rooms, each one being completely different. There is a TV room that has gold flecks over everything, so that’s the gold room. I wanted it to feel like every time you step into another room, you are entering a complete other world.

How did you do the wall of roses?
That’s how the idea for this room started. I’m obsessed with roses and I wanted a floral wall. We had to figure out how to do that besides attaching each flower to the wall with hot glue. So we put them all on Styrofoam piece by piece and then attached the Styrofoam to the wall. I put glitter on some of the roses as well.

Have you always been into crafting?
My mom is the queen of arts and crafts and she taught us how to hot glue; me and my sister always liked it and luckily we’re good at it. We realized it’s super plausible to do a lot of things in your house with your literal fingertips. We did pretty much everything in here ourselves.

Including the dining table and chairs?
We bought furniture from Ikea and just painted everything pink. This table also has white polka dots stenciled in, and I put feather boas everywhere.

Do you use the dining room much?
Actually, when we have friends over, we’re sort of “kitchen standers” — we stand around in the kitchen, eating and talking. We’ve never had dinner parties in here. From the beginning, we just had this idea of having an epic dining room. We didn’t think much about actually using it.

But at least it’s home to this dinosaur.
My sister loves dinosaurs and I wanted to get her a dope Christmas gift. I found this in a prop shop.

And you put a pink tutu on it.
Sure I did.


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