Assassination Nation | Screen Captures

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Bella Thorne Talks About New Cannabis Strains, Future of Forbidden Flowers

Actress and author Bella Thorne has released two new cannabis flower strains in collaboration with Glass House Group, under their shared brand Forbidden Flowers.

Dubbed “Orange Creamsicle” and “Sundae Driver,” the new strains were formulated for the summer.

The flowers will be sold by the eighth, as well as in “two-for-one, puff, don’t pass” 0.5-gram pre-roll boxes, for consumers to share a smoke session without sharing the actual joints.

Thorne says she worked closely with Glass House Group in the development of the Forbidden Flowers brand and the new products.

They were very willing to let me be a part of the whole process,” she told Benzinga. “It was almost like opening Pandora’s box: no other weed company were willing to do that, but Glass House let me go with my own vision.

Bella disclosed she is currently developing CBD products to add to the brand.

We are also launching some multi-packs of all three of my strains that I’m really excited for. Each box will have a quote from my book ‘The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray’ written inside.

For her, the quotes will make the products special, as well as “somewhat of a collector’s item.”

But this is far from the end. In Bella’s mind, possibilities are countless.

Hopefully I will make so many fun and amazing memories making Forbidden Flowers one of my most prominent businesses,” she said. “I plan to take Forbidden Flowers to the very top. Wish me luck getting there.


Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip | Screen Captures

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August 08: at Nobu in Malibu


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The Duff | Screen Captures

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