January 10: Out in West Hollywood

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Warner Brothers and InStyle 21st Annual Post Golden Globes After Party

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‘The Babysitter’ | Screen Captures

Hello. I added to the gallery screen captures from the movie ‘The Babysitter’ (2017). Enjoy!

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Mixing Passion With Business: Popular Star Bella Thorne Discusses Her New Weed Brand

At 22, Bella Thorne has done it all: artist, actress, musician, best-selling author, director and social media phenomenon (over 21 million followers!). Recently, she added another tag to her impressive list of accomplishments: cannabis entrepreneur. In October, the former Disney star teamed up with Glass House Group, a California-based vertically integrated cannabis and hemp company, to launch Forbidden Flowers, a new cannabis brand. For Thorne, it was the culmination of her long-time passion for cannabis as well as a desire to open another revenue stream for herself. So far, the budding business dynamo’s foray into the industry has been a smash success. Thorne kicked off the initial debut of Forbidden Flowers with a sold-out multi-week tour of retail locations across the Golden State that carry the brand.

But she’s not resting on her laurels. According to Thorne, there’s more to come: A new CBD brand is in the pipeline as well as a hemp line slated to open in new markets outside California next year. Brash and candid, Thorne shared her unfiltered thoughts on her new cannabis venture and how it stands apart from the clutter of other celebrity-minted weed brands.

This interview was edited for conciseness and clarity.

Iris Dorbian: What compelled you to launch a cannabis brand Forbidden Flowers? What were the motivating factors?

Bella Thorne: I have really wanted to get into the cannabis industry for a while now. I’ve been smoking weed for a good minute (laughs). When I was younger, I dealt heavily with anxiety and depression and weird eating habits and stomach problems. It was making me miserable. CBD oil and weed were the only things to help me. I don’t believe in pills. My other main reason was money. It’s another chapter, a step in the page of my mobilization.

Dorbian: How did you find out about Glass House Group?

Thorne: That was actually interesting. I’ve been trying different weeds from different places. I can’t smoke strong indoor weed. it hurts my throat too much. It’s sprayed. I only smoke outdoor grown weeds. I asked Glass House to work with me after going to their facilities. The managers treated their plants like babies. It literally needs love to grow.

Dorbian: There have been quite a few celebrities who have also launched their own cannabis lines recently. How does your brand Forbidden Flowers differ from the others?

Thorne: We go out of our way to be completely organic and we care about the flower which I think is a different step to take. We rather take our time rather than rushing it. If we sell out, then we have nothing to sell. We don’t just want to sell flower that’s not as good. We rather wait until our next batch is ready to be picked.

Dorbian: You have a massive amount of followers on social media. What has been their overall reaction to your new cannabis brand?

Thorne: It differentiates. Most of my fans love the idea of weed whether they smoke it or not because they understand it and the difference it makes. I do have younger fans and I understand if it freaks them out. I am of age and I don’t want people who are not of age to smoke it. I think that people—they see that I’m trying so hard. I’m in every little bit of aspect of the business, especially the creative part that’s so important.

Dorbian: What do you want prospective customers to know about your brand? Why should they buy it versus another brand?

Thorne: If you haven’t tried smoking marijuana, you should. I want to say there’s a chance in life for everything. Forbidden Flowers could be yours. I want to say follow us because we’re a brand that wants to deep dive in the medical benefits of the cannabis space. I want to say to people to open your f*** eyes because the world has changed because it’s not the “devil’s lettuce.”

Source: forbes.com

‘You Get Me’ | Screen Captures

Hello. I added to the gallery screen captures from the movie ‘You Get Me‘ (2017). Enjoy!

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