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In the world of entertainment, 22-year-old Bella Thorne is a master of all trades. Dominating the big screen in a myriad of feature-length films and highly acclaimed television shows, showcasing her genre-defying, musical prowess across her wide range of vocal craftsmanship, and illustrating her own life story in an introspective book of her emotionally charged poems, the omni-talented starlet’s creativity knows no bounds; however, even with her extensive body of soul-defining work, Thorne still admits that she feels misunderstood by the world.

As Thorne knows, growing up in the spotlight is an incredibly difficult feat. After rising to fame at 13 years old with a lead role on Disney’s Shake It Up, the Florida native promptly became a household name, a phenomenon which situated her entire adolescent development in the public eye and subjected her to the world’s scrutiny. Taking on an adult workload in her early teenage years, Thorne matured at a highly accelerated rate, one so nimble that fans were quick to criticize her for allegedly growing up too fast. “People forget that child actors are working with full adults on set for however many hours a day,” she says. “Of course they grow up so fast. They’ve been an adult since they were what, eight years old?

Naturally, the young star left her picture-perfect Disney image behind in an effort to share her evolved identity with fans; however, that process was much easier said than done. “People always hate on the Disney stars because they’re like, ‘Oh, you have this clean image and you’re so young and now you want to be sexy,’” she says. “They don’t understand that at an age where they think [Disney stars] are a little too young to be doing that, these actors already feel like they’re in their mid-twenties because that’s how long it feels like they’ve been working and pushing so many hours in their day.” It’s that forgotten philosophy that’s responsible for Thorne’s rapid evolution, and therein lies the disconnection between the well-rounded entertainer’s personal character and the world’s wild-child impression of her.

I am the definition of a misunderstood bitch in this industry,” she says. “People think of me as this young party girl who’s like, I’m just going to do this and do that because I want to and I don’t give a fuck. And I’m always like, I’m sorry guys. When did I say I don’t give a fuck? I literally do give a fuck. It would be ridiculous to say that anybody doesn’t give a fuck because of course we do. We’re all insecure human beings that care what people think about us. Let’s not be ridiculous.

Frustrated with the public’s perception of her identity, Thorne works tirelessly to create content that resonates with her true personality. Having gone through the majority of life signing contracts and chasing paychecks, Thorne recognizes that she needs a break, but while abiding by stay-at-home orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic seems like the perfect time for that mental reset, the multi-talented artist admits that she doesn’t know how to stop working. “Everybody tells me, ‘Bella, come on, take a break,’ or ‘Calm down, Bella. You don’t have to do that much work,’” she says. “And I’m like, you don’t understand that for my brain, it’s a negative thing for me to take a break. It feels like a very negative thing to do because from such a young age, it’s been instilled in me to have a job and to be working.” Although Thorne might be ill-equipped for a vacation, staying productive is her strong suit, and she’s certainly forging ahead across realms of music, film, and creative writing in an effort to showcase the most raw form of her character to-date.

On the musical front, Thorne boasts an unmatched, vocal versatility. After expertly executing a multitude of emotional ballads, like the film-inspired “Walk With Me,” and pumping a plethora of pop-oriented hits, including the legendary anthem “Bitch I’m Bella Thorne,” the sound-defining artist now sets out to conquer a new genre: rap-infused punk rock. “I’m definitely always working against the grain when it comes to my music,” she explains. “Rock and rap are the two biggest influences in my sound. I have a song coming out featuring Hayley Cramer, one of the world’s top drummers, and I have a song with Three Days Grace coming too.”

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It’s hard to say what makes for more enjoyable Masked Singer viewing: For you to correctly guess the identity of the contestant and feel smarter than the rest of the internet, or to be completely floored by their identity. While some people did guess that Bella Thorne was the Masked Singer’s Swan, it was Thorne who surprised herself the most on stage — by not throwing up everywhere.

Usually when I performed in the past — I’ve performed at Billboard and a few really big festivals and whatnot — and right after I’m done I get off stage and I have to throw up because I’m so nervous that I feel it coming while I’m on stage. I’m literally so nervous,” Thorne told People. “On The Masked Singer I didn’t [throw up], not once and I think it was because the Swan mask made it so I didn’t feel as nervous.”

Thorne performed two songs during her time on The Masked Singer: the steamy “Fever” by Peggy Lee, and “I Hate Myself For Loving You” by Joan Jett. It was the Jett performance that made some suspect that the Swan was secretly Kristen Stewart, who portrayed the iconic rockstar in The Runaways.

I was like, ‘Yeah, I love Kristen Stewart!’” Thorne told People of the judges’ incorrect guess. “Because of the low raspy voice and the whole Joan Jett thing I was like, ‘That makes sense.’

Now that she’s no longer appearing on the reality show, Thorne can get to work on her new television deal with Fox, which was announced on Deadline Wednesday. Under her new development deal, she will produce scripted and unscripted content for the network.
The former Disney Channel actress, who starred on Freeform’s Famous In Love, recently directed a film for PornHub and executive produced thriller Ride. According to People, she is now interested in making scripted content “that is a dark version of Riverdale meets more psychological meets Gossip Girl.”

One benefit of producing content, instead of performing it? Zero chance at throwing up, with or without a huge swan outfit to hide behind.

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Bella Thorne is getting into business with Fox, signing a development deal for both scripted and unscripted content with the network. [SPOILER ALERT] Thorne also was part of a major reveal tonight on Fox’s The Masked Singer, where she was unmasked as the Swan.

Best known for roles in The Duff, Netflix’s The Babysitter, Assassination Nation and Disney Channel’s Shake it Up, Thorne has been shooting indie film Habit from the producer of Mudbound, and is set to star in director Mitzi Peirone’s post-apocalyptic thriller The Uncanny. She also has been cast in the home invasion thriller Masquerade and will be making her feature directorial debut with an elevated thriller written by Zander Coté, the story of which is being kept under wraps. On television, she previously headlined Famous In Love, which aired for two seasons on Freeform, among many other credits.

The actress, best-selling author, director, philanthropist, musician and entrepreneur entered the entertainment business at six months of age. Now at 21, she has amassed an empire that stretches from acting to various entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropic endeavors.

Thorne joins a growing list of talent that has entered development partnerships with Fox, including writer/producer Kyle Killen (Halo, Mind Games), Mara Brock Akil (Black Lighting, Love Is …), Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf) and Sarah Watson (Fox’s Untitled Film Re-Enactment Drama Pilot, The Bold Type).

Thorne is repped by CAA, Thirty Three Management and Hirsch Wallerstein Hayum Matlof and Fishman.

Source: deadline.com


Bella Thorne is in the midst of filming Habit, an indie film that is being produced by Donovan Leitch, 852 Films, Martingale Pictures, Voltage Pictures, Cloudlight, and Elevated Films, the production company behind the Oscar-nominated film, Mudbound.

First-time feature director Janell Shirtcliff is at the helm, directing from a script by Suki Kaiser, based on a story by Libby Mintz and Shirtcliff. The pic is about a street smart party girl with a Jesus fetish who gets mixed up in a violent drug deal and finds a possible way out — by masquerading as a Nun.

Producers are Leitch, Josie Ho, Michael Suppes, Chris Pak Yu Mung, Chan Pang Chun, Damon Lawner, and Libby Mintz. Cassian Elwes, David Unger, Will French, Adam Edelman, Suki Kaiser, Conroy Chan, Paul Miloknay, Thorne, and Nicolas Chartier serve as executive producers.

Thorne, best known for roles in The Duff, Blended, Midnight Sun, and Disney Channel’s Shake it Up, is repped by CAA, Foundation Media Partners, and Thirty Three Management.

Voltage Pictures is overseeing international rights, while domestic rights are repped by Elevated Films.

Source: deadline.com