Bella Thorne / Her New Single, Her Hugely Successful Career

Bella Thorne is an anomaly in the entertainment industry, a true definition of a superstar who isn’t afraid to be herself in every aspect of her life. Boasting 24.3 million followers to her Instagram page alone, the musician, actress, model, influencer, and overall lover of life proves she can do it all… and then some.

Jumpstarting her acting career at the young of age of 8, Bella has been in the limelight since adolescence. From her role as CeCe Jones on Disney’s Shake It Up to Netflix horror film The Babysitter (and its sequel, Killer Queen) to more recently starring in indie films Girl and Chick Fight, the 23-year-old continues to consistently put in the work while living her dreams out on the daily.

Between relentless long days of filming, Bella still finds time to create heartfelt music from the soul. Following her previous single, “Lonely,” speaking volumes to our current times with the COVID-19 pandemic, the singer-songwriter returns with her most energetic record yet: “SFB” The record stands for “Stupid Fucking Bitch,” as Bella reminds the masses that she has neither the time or the patience for the fucking shit going on today.

Flaunt caught up with Bella via Instagram Live during her one-hour lunch break while shooting for the film Time Is Up overseas in Italy, co-starring alongside Italian popstar Benjamin Mascolo (who also happens to be her boyfriend). Read below as we discuss her new single “SFB,” love for acting, recent films Girl and Chick Flight, the inspiration behind “Lonely,” her fashion style, goals, and more!

How is it over there in Italy?
I’m in the middle of filming now, I’ve been in this dress for the last week. I’m getting very tired of the same makeup and outfit. [laughs] Every interview, I’m in the same outfit. I want to let everyone know I have showered in this dress.

What’s the reality of your work schedule any given day?
Fuck, it’s a lot. 50 to 60 hours a week on the movie. Been doing the movie, we’ve been promoting 2 other movies that came out, a song, and now this song. I’m so excited.

How was your Thanksgiving?
We worked, but my boyfriend was really sweet and had a chef come make a turkey so that we could still do it. Obviously, there’s not much to celebrate. Lockdown’s pretty heavy over here, everyone’s spirits are definitely down, but it’s a beautiful place. I’m excited to film a movie in COVID right now. Lucky enough to film and get back to work, so that’s nice.

Let’s talk about “Stupid Fucking Bitch,” when did you first come up with the idea?
We’re in the studio, we’d already done another song that night. I had things already in my phone that I thought were good lyrics. “Man, we’re feeling this.” I really wanted to do a song that switches up because we’d already done another song that has a complete beat change like this one has I really like that, quite a few of my songs on my album do have that, using different genres. Thoughts started flowing and the song went in a very certain direction, which was “Stupid Fucking Bitch.” [laughs]

What are you most excited for your fans to hear?
I’m excited for people to laugh. I love making a lot of my shit comedic, a little on the nose. It’s always funny when I listen to rappers like “oh shit,” a certain lyric catches me. I love using that style, it’s so prevalent in this song. There’s definitely some really, really fun lyrics. You’ve got to admit, some really fun lyrics in this song. My goodness. [laughs] I’m trying to think of my favorite one, probably “you’re a dirty bitch, now you’re standing in my image.”

Is this a real story? I know it’s about a girl who joins your entourage and she’s a clout-chaser.
Everyone deals with these things; when somebody comes into your friend group and you trust them. A lot of people I see that want to befriend me are clout-chasers, they frankly only like me because of that prevalent reason right there. That’s always worked its way into my life over and over. Anyone who deals with those certain types of people that come into your group, you’re like “oh no, I let you in? How am I going to get you out?!”

How tight is your circle?
Really tight, I usually don’t add in any new people for this reason. I’ve become really weary of friendships because I’ve had a few doozies. The tighter the friend group in general, the more trustworthy. I have my family, my 2 best friends, that’s all I really need. Would I like some more friends? Sure. Would I like them to be good, trustworthy people? Yes! It’s a little bit harder to find than we think. [laughs]

What can we expect from the music video?
It’s so fun, I had a really fun time directing it. The video should feel like a party the whole time, you hanging out with your friends. Actually one of my more simple videos. I usually love to be a little more wacky and crazy, this one’s more real and natural. Let’s have a fun time. You want to toast with your friends while watching it, one of those videos.

Do you always direct your music videos?
Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to do some directing for some other talented artists. I’ve been doing a lot of directing for my production company, Content X, which did this music video as well. I have so much fun creating in the directing and writing world.

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