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Bella Thorne’s Los Angeles home has some truly one of a kind features.

The Shake It Up actress, 25, took MTV Cribs on a tour of her six-bedroom, six-bathroom, 6,654-square-foot personal palace, complete with massive flower installations and some very interesting leisure spaces.

Faux blooms crawl up the walls of the foyer, adorning the staircase and cover a tree sculpture and swings outside. “It’s very whimsical. It feels like a fresh breath of air,” Thorne says of the latter, which was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Inside, the main living area is her “hangout room” decorated with a hot pink custom pool table, gold door, a series of dinosaur paintings, and a wall of neon lights bearing suggestive phrases.

She also leads cameras to an area she introduces as her “dab bar,” a reference to the concentrated form of cannabis, which is draped in faux vines, and asks “Who wants to smoke? I do!” before lighting up.

Her next stop is the “Disco Room,” complete with fictional villain-print wallpaper, a super-deep sofa, and an art project she did herself.

“I say ‘disco’ because, if you look around you, me and my sister made this glass shard installation,” Thorne explains. “We wanted galaxy vibes in the ceiling, so at nighttime, we turn on the clouds and they bounce to music with lights in them, which is really, really cool.”

Heading into the primary bedroom, she gave the classic Cribs introduction: “This is where the magic happens.”

The space’s standout feature is on the ceiling: an ornate mural of a blue sky with cherubs and clouds. Explains Thorne, “I spent a lot of time in Italy last year, and I was inspired by the little baby cherubs. I just love the cherubs!”

She then showed off her walk-in closet and ever-growing shoe collection, as well as a specialized pull out drawer for headwear: “Yes, I do have a drawer for tiaras,” she explained.

“My bathroom is bigger than my bedroom,” she notes as she leads cameras into the bright space, appointed with a crystal chandelier, mirrored vanity and soaking tub.

Stepping over to the large walk-in, glass-walled shower, Thorne exclaims, “Party shower! You know what I mean,” before adding, “Orgies!”

Outside, she tours the fire pit area, explaining, “We do a lot of s’mores nights here, a lot of drinking.”

The yard also contains a few new pergolas for shaded dining and daybeds to take in, what she says is the most spectacular feature of the home: the “360 degree view. You just can’t beat it.”

Source: people.com