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Bella Thorne on Feeling Misunderstood, Future Music, and Her Upcoming Role in ‘Paradise City’.

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In the world of entertainment, 22-year-old Bella Thorne is a master of all trades. Dominating the big screen in a myriad of feature-length films and highly acclaimed television shows, showcasing her genre-defying, musical prowess across her wide range of vocal craftsmanship, and illustrating her own life story in an introspective book of her emotionally charged poems, the omni-talented starlet’s creativity knows no bounds; however, even with her extensive body of soul-defining work, Thorne still admits that she feels misunderstood by the world.

As Thorne knows, growing up in the spotlight is an incredibly difficult feat. After rising to fame at 13 years old with a lead role on Disney’s Shake It Up, the Florida native promptly became a household name, a phenomenon which situated her entire adolescent development in the public eye and subjected her to the world’s scrutiny. Taking on an adult workload in her early teenage years, Thorne matured at a highly accelerated rate, one so nimble that fans were quick to criticize her for allegedly growing up too fast. “People forget that child actors are working with full adults on set for however many hours a day,” she says. “Of course they grow up so fast. They’ve been an adult since they were what, eight years old?

Naturally, the young star left her picture-perfect Disney image behind in an effort to share her evolved identity with fans; however, that process was much easier said than done. “People always hate on the Disney stars because they’re like, ‘Oh, you have this clean image and you’re so young and now you want to be sexy,’” she says. “They don’t understand that at an age where they think [Disney stars] are a little too young to be doing that, these actors already feel like they’re in their mid-twenties because that’s how long it feels like they’ve been working and pushing so many hours in their day.” It’s that forgotten philosophy that’s responsible for Thorne’s rapid evolution, and therein lies the disconnection between the well-rounded entertainer’s personal character and the world’s wild-child impression of her.

I am the definition of a misunderstood bitch in this industry,” she says. “People think of me as this young party girl who’s like, I’m just going to do this and do that because I want to and I don’t give a fuck. And I’m always like, I’m sorry guys. When did I say I don’t give a fuck? I literally do give a fuck. It would be ridiculous to say that anybody doesn’t give a fuck because of course we do. We’re all insecure human beings that care what people think about us. Let’s not be ridiculous.

Frustrated with the public’s perception of her identity, Thorne works tirelessly to create content that resonates with her true personality. Having gone through the majority of life signing contracts and chasing paychecks, Thorne recognizes that she needs a break, but while abiding by stay-at-home orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic seems like the perfect time for that mental reset, the multi-talented artist admits that she doesn’t know how to stop working. “Everybody tells me, ‘Bella, come on, take a break,’ or ‘Calm down, Bella. You don’t have to do that much work,’” she says. “And I’m like, you don’t understand that for my brain, it’s a negative thing for me to take a break. It feels like a very negative thing to do because from such a young age, it’s been instilled in me to have a job and to be working.” Although Thorne might be ill-equipped for a vacation, staying productive is her strong suit, and she’s certainly forging ahead across realms of music, film, and creative writing in an effort to showcase the most raw form of her character to-date.

On the musical front, Thorne boasts an unmatched, vocal versatility. After expertly executing a multitude of emotional ballads, like the film-inspired “Walk With Me,” and pumping a plethora of pop-oriented hits, including the legendary anthem “Bitch I’m Bella Thorne,” the sound-defining artist now sets out to conquer a new genre: rap-infused punk rock. “I’m definitely always working against the grain when it comes to my music,” she explains. “Rock and rap are the two biggest influences in my sound. I have a song coming out featuring Hayley Cramer, one of the world’s top drummers, and I have a song with Three Days Grace coming too.”

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Bella Thorne Is Just Happy She Didn’t “Throw Up” After Her Masked Singer Performance

It’s hard to say what makes for more enjoyable Masked Singer viewing: For you to correctly guess the identity of the contestant and feel smarter than the rest of the internet, or to be completely floored by their identity. While some people did guess that Bella Thorne was the Masked Singer’s Swan, it was Thorne who surprised herself the most on stage — by not throwing up everywhere.

Usually when I performed in the past — I’ve performed at Billboard and a few really big festivals and whatnot — and right after I’m done I get off stage and I have to throw up because I’m so nervous that I feel it coming while I’m on stage. I’m literally so nervous,” Thorne told People. “On The Masked Singer I didn’t [throw up], not once and I think it was because the Swan mask made it so I didn’t feel as nervous.”

Thorne performed two songs during her time on The Masked Singer: the steamy “Fever” by Peggy Lee, and “I Hate Myself For Loving You” by Joan Jett. It was the Jett performance that made some suspect that the Swan was secretly Kristen Stewart, who portrayed the iconic rockstar in The Runaways.

I was like, ‘Yeah, I love Kristen Stewart!’” Thorne told People of the judges’ incorrect guess. “Because of the low raspy voice and the whole Joan Jett thing I was like, ‘That makes sense.’

Now that she’s no longer appearing on the reality show, Thorne can get to work on her new television deal with Fox, which was announced on Deadline Wednesday. Under her new development deal, she will produce scripted and unscripted content for the network.
The former Disney Channel actress, who starred on Freeform’s Famous In Love, recently directed a film for PornHub and executive produced thriller Ride. According to People, she is now interested in making scripted content “that is a dark version of Riverdale meets more psychological meets Gossip Girl.”

One benefit of producing content, instead of performing it? Zero chance at throwing up, with or without a huge swan outfit to hide behind.


Actress Bella Thorne has a thing for roses

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Guests stepping into the dining room of Bella Thorne’s Sherman Oaks home might find it hard to believe the actress once loathed pink; just about everything in the space is in various shades of the color, from the hot-pink walls to the pastel rose-hued pendant chair suspended from the ceiling.

I used to hate the color when I was younger,” said Thorne, 22, who gained fame in 2010 as co-star of the Disney Channel sitcom “Shake It Up.” “But as I got older I started not being so angry with pink all the time. It turns out I really do like it.

The actress and singer, who starred in the 2018 movie “Midnight Sun” and the Freeform network series “Famous in Love,” wanted to give each room of the 4,500-square-foot house its own identity.

After buying the home in 2016, she lived there for a couple of years; now she primarily uses it for parties and rents it out for photography shoots, music videos and events.

But spending time in the dining room reminds her of the crafting she did with her sister as children, coached by their mother; in this room the siblings have created yet more lavish pinkness together — the papery roses affixed to the walls, the chairs draped with fuchsia feather boas, the table hand-painted and studded with tiny pearl beads.

What led to the idea behind the pink room?
It was more about making the house have all themed rooms, each one being completely different. There is a TV room that has gold flecks over everything, so that’s the gold room. I wanted it to feel like every time you step into another room, you are entering a complete other world.

How did you do the wall of roses?
That’s how the idea for this room started. I’m obsessed with roses and I wanted a floral wall. We had to figure out how to do that besides attaching each flower to the wall with hot glue. So we put them all on Styrofoam piece by piece and then attached the Styrofoam to the wall. I put glitter on some of the roses as well.

Have you always been into crafting?
My mom is the queen of arts and crafts and she taught us how to hot glue; me and my sister always liked it and luckily we’re good at it. We realized it’s super plausible to do a lot of things in your house with your literal fingertips. We did pretty much everything in here ourselves.

Including the dining table and chairs?
We bought furniture from Ikea and just painted everything pink. This table also has white polka dots stenciled in, and I put feather boas everywhere.

Do you use the dining room much?
Actually, when we have friends over, we’re sort of “kitchen standers” — we stand around in the kitchen, eating and talking. We’ve never had dinner parties in here. From the beginning, we just had this idea of having an epic dining room. We didn’t think much about actually using it.

But at least it’s home to this dinosaur.
My sister loves dinosaurs and I wanted to get her a dope Christmas gift. I found this in a prop shop.

And you put a pink tutu on it.
Sure I did.


Mixing Passion With Business: Popular Star Bella Thorne Discusses Her New Weed Brand

At 22, Bella Thorne has done it all: artist, actress, musician, best-selling author, director and social media phenomenon (over 21 million followers!). Recently, she added another tag to her impressive list of accomplishments: cannabis entrepreneur. In October, the former Disney star teamed up with Glass House Group, a California-based vertically integrated cannabis and hemp company, to launch Forbidden Flowers, a new cannabis brand. For Thorne, it was the culmination of her long-time passion for cannabis as well as a desire to open another revenue stream for herself. So far, the budding business dynamo’s foray into the industry has been a smash success. Thorne kicked off the initial debut of Forbidden Flowers with a sold-out multi-week tour of retail locations across the Golden State that carry the brand.

But she’s not resting on her laurels. According to Thorne, there’s more to come: A new CBD brand is in the pipeline as well as a hemp line slated to open in new markets outside California next year. Brash and candid, Thorne shared her unfiltered thoughts on her new cannabis venture and how it stands apart from the clutter of other celebrity-minted weed brands.

This interview was edited for conciseness and clarity.

Iris Dorbian: What compelled you to launch a cannabis brand Forbidden Flowers? What were the motivating factors?

Bella Thorne: I have really wanted to get into the cannabis industry for a while now. I’ve been smoking weed for a good minute (laughs). When I was younger, I dealt heavily with anxiety and depression and weird eating habits and stomach problems. It was making me miserable. CBD oil and weed were the only things to help me. I don’t believe in pills. My other main reason was money. It’s another chapter, a step in the page of my mobilization.

Dorbian: How did you find out about Glass House Group?

Thorne: That was actually interesting. I’ve been trying different weeds from different places. I can’t smoke strong indoor weed. it hurts my throat too much. It’s sprayed. I only smoke outdoor grown weeds. I asked Glass House to work with me after going to their facilities. The managers treated their plants like babies. It literally needs love to grow.

Dorbian: There have been quite a few celebrities who have also launched their own cannabis lines recently. How does your brand Forbidden Flowers differ from the others?

Thorne: We go out of our way to be completely organic and we care about the flower which I think is a different step to take. We rather take our time rather than rushing it. If we sell out, then we have nothing to sell. We don’t just want to sell flower that’s not as good. We rather wait until our next batch is ready to be picked.

Dorbian: You have a massive amount of followers on social media. What has been their overall reaction to your new cannabis brand?

Thorne: It differentiates. Most of my fans love the idea of weed whether they smoke it or not because they understand it and the difference it makes. I do have younger fans and I understand if it freaks them out. I am of age and I don’t want people who are not of age to smoke it. I think that people—they see that I’m trying so hard. I’m in every little bit of aspect of the business, especially the creative part that’s so important.

Dorbian: What do you want prospective customers to know about your brand? Why should they buy it versus another brand?

Thorne: If you haven’t tried smoking marijuana, you should. I want to say there’s a chance in life for everything. Forbidden Flowers could be yours. I want to say follow us because we’re a brand that wants to deep dive in the medical benefits of the cannabis space. I want to say to people to open your f*** eyes because the world has changed because it’s not the “devil’s lettuce.”


Bella Thorne Partners With 10PM Curfew & Becomes The Face Of Their Iconic Media Properties

Bella Thorne has partnered with top tier social media experts and entrepreneurs Razvan Romanescu, Darren Lopes and Robert Ceccarelli to launch 10PM Curfew ( the fastest growing female centric fashion & beauty network. aims to be the leading voice for females when it comes to discovering new fashion trends, inspiration, products, health & fitness routines, and everything in between.

Thorne will post exclusive content on the accounts, while also contributing to the overall content strategy and direction. She’ll be promoting the accounts to help ensure that the audience continues to grow at a rapid rate. The network will also provide a platform for Thorne to have exclusive product releases and announcements.

We strive to empower women while building one centralized voice where content creators and brands can co-exist while offering value to the community,” stated Romanescu. “Brands constantly want distribution and visibility and females all want new looks and inspiration – we aim to marry the two sides and we think Bella is the perfect person to collaborate with as she embodies what it means to be a strong, millennial female.

I’m so stoked to partner up with 10pm curfew. They represent female empowerment and highlight every woman’s originality through style and community. As a human we are all looking for our personalities to be well reflected through our style. I am honored to be the face of a company that’s growing into one of the most prominent female networks,” stated Thorne. is expanding across every major platform and recently acquired @style / @girls on TikTok to continue to grow our presence there. This will ensure clients that work with us have distribution across every major platform when running a campaign.


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