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Bella Thorne is an actor, singer, writer, producer, and director. Thorne started her career gaining prominence on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up. She has since appeared in numerous feature films including Blended, The Babysitter film series, The DUFF, and the drama series Famous in Love. Her latest work includes the thriller Girl directed by Chad Faust, and season 1 of Amazon Prime Video’s Paradise City. She also recently launched her jewelry brand, Thorne, and announced the release of her own podcast in collaboration with her sister Dani Thorne. Now, she stars as Ziva, the leader of the women’s movement against the chemical, in Divinity.

Tell me a bit about your character.
I play Ziva, and I am essentially the leader of the women who are still alive and can still give birth. That still has the ability to give birth. I am the leader of these women and I am showing them how to stay alive and protect themselves from the world out there.

So women that have chosen not to take Divinity?
Correct, we haven’t taken the drug yet.

How was working with Eddie Alcazar?
There wasn’t a script, so it was just going off of Eddie’s words, and I thought that that was a really interesting way to work. I had never done that before. Eddie is amazing. I love Eddie. I met him at Cannes not too long ago when his short film was premiering there, and we just immediately hit it off. He reached out to me and we talked about a couple projects and he was working on this one. He, in general, is super interesting. He is extremely smart. He is also super down to earth, and I love that. You can grab a beer with him kind-of-guy.

Walk me through how filming a scene would go without a script.
Me asking him lots of questions. What am I saying? What am I doing? What’s my motive? Backstory? All those kinds of things. And it’s really just Eddie and I talking about it and putting it together. There was not much preparation since he was very secretive about what I was going to be doing.

I was really excited to work on film. I had not worked on film like that before. So it was really interesting. I got to learn a lot about lighting on film and using film in general, and that was cool, because I want to be a director, so it was a nice learning experience for me as well.

You have done sci-fi before, what attracts you to the sci-fi genre?
I have definitely done my fair share of sci-fi. I had never done something super dystopian like this, and that was a change for me for sure. I love sci-fi. I am a big fan of sci-fi, thriller, horror, and psychological. They can all go hand-in-hand in a beautiful way.

How do you feel about premiering at Sundance? What do you expect?
I am super excited. I don’t know what to expect. I haven’t seen the movie myself, so it will also be my first time seeing it. I hope people dig it. I am super happy with it. It’s definitely really interesting material, and the whole thing is just fucking crazy.

Would you have taken the Divinity chemical and chosen true immortality?
No, and no. No, I would not choose immortality. I think I would be way too scared to do that. I would be one of the women still left alive.

‍You mentioned you wanted to be a director yourself, tell me about it.
I do want to do a lot more directing. I am studying and always learning. I do a lot of writing. I wrote a book, and now I am working on my second one. And I do a lot of script material. I’m definitely really interested in all the creating process and I’ve been lucky enough to get to produce a lot. And now I am stepping outside of my own movies to produce other projects. I find the whole world of creation very interesting. I was able to launch my own jewelry company, Thorne, and I am really excited for it because the feedback has been amazing so far. And the fans love it, and you can sleep in it, and wear it all day. It’s beautiful quality. I am so happy with where I am right now with my businesses and where I am at with my life. I just announced my podcast with my sister as well. So my happiness radar is pretty high up there. I am feeling so good, and then we have Sundance on top of all of it!

Tell me about your podcast with your sister.
I am really excited about it. It’s called Twisted Sisters. Me and Dani, for a while, have been wanting to do something like this. We get into those late night conversations and we are always like ‘ah this would be great to get other people’s opinions, and hear back from people on this, and to hear people’s personal stories with this.’ And that makes us all grow. You take a little bit of advice or this and that or even just a perspective of somebody else’s to find out who you are and make up your choice about who you are. And I think through conversation is a great way to grow, and healthy dialogue, and a healthy space to talk. And I am really excited that we get to do it with Amp because it’s live, and so it’s going to be really fun to see people in real time and understand their views about certain topics and situations, and just getting to really connect with them, in real time!

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Bella Thorne’s Los Angeles home has some truly one of a kind features.

The Shake It Up actress, 25, took MTV Cribs on a tour of her six-bedroom, six-bathroom, 6,654-square-foot personal palace, complete with massive flower installations and some very interesting leisure spaces.

Faux blooms crawl up the walls of the foyer, adorning the staircase and cover a tree sculpture and swings outside. “It’s very whimsical. It feels like a fresh breath of air,” Thorne says of the latter, which was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Inside, the main living area is her “hangout room” decorated with a hot pink custom pool table, gold door, a series of dinosaur paintings, and a wall of neon lights bearing suggestive phrases.

She also leads cameras to an area she introduces as her “dab bar,” a reference to the concentrated form of cannabis, which is draped in faux vines, and asks “Who wants to smoke? I do!” before lighting up.

Her next stop is the “Disco Room,” complete with fictional villain-print wallpaper, a super-deep sofa, and an art project she did herself.

“I say ‘disco’ because, if you look around you, me and my sister made this glass shard installation,” Thorne explains. “We wanted galaxy vibes in the ceiling, so at nighttime, we turn on the clouds and they bounce to music with lights in them, which is really, really cool.”

Heading into the primary bedroom, she gave the classic Cribs introduction: “This is where the magic happens.”

The space’s standout feature is on the ceiling: an ornate mural of a blue sky with cherubs and clouds. Explains Thorne, “I spent a lot of time in Italy last year, and I was inspired by the little baby cherubs. I just love the cherubs!”

She then showed off her walk-in closet and ever-growing shoe collection, as well as a specialized pull out drawer for headwear: “Yes, I do have a drawer for tiaras,” she explained.

“My bathroom is bigger than my bedroom,” she notes as she leads cameras into the bright space, appointed with a crystal chandelier, mirrored vanity and soaking tub.

Stepping over to the large walk-in, glass-walled shower, Thorne exclaims, “Party shower! You know what I mean,” before adding, “Orgies!”

Outside, she tours the fire pit area, explaining, “We do a lot of s’mores nights here, a lot of drinking.”

The yard also contains a few new pergolas for shaded dining and daybeds to take in, what she says is the most spectacular feature of the home: the “360 degree view. You just can’t beat it.”

Source: people.com